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Our company has six years experience with outsourcing tech support services for various companies in the USA. Our passion to provide excellence only grows with time.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide our clients the needed outboard power to move their business as close as possible to excellence. We accept nothing but perfection.


Our experienced well-trained IT professionals under strong leadership from our management team provide our clients one of a kind, indispensable tech support every business should have.



Our agents are certified IT professionals with excellent English language skills. Each agent is additionally trained for specific knowledge per customer and needs to qualify for companies’ needs. The dedicated agents, besides technical knowledge of your product, learn your company culture to be able to integrate with your team and authentically represent your company. To ensure the quality of our services we provide you regular feedback from your customers about our services.

For all of our services we provide:

In house managed VOIP phone system with US and International inbound numbers

In house managed ticketing system

In house managed monitoring system

Call accounting and call recording features

Dedicated agents

No initial training charges

Periodic reports

Our Services

Tech support

Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Help desk, Desktop support, Server support, Remote services

Our Skills

Our certified IT professionals are dedicated to your success

Your company will gain dedicated agents who will learn your company culture to be able to integrate with your team and authentically represent you. Equipped with excellent English language skills, each agent is additionally trained for specific knowledge per customer. All of our IT professionals obtain the following key skills...

  • 01-In-depth knowledge of hardware and software

  • 02-Up-to-date knowledge of the latest IT and software trends

  • 03-Strong customer service ethos

  • 04-Ability to work well with people

  • 05-Strong communications skills

  • 06-Excellent organisational skills

  • 07-Ability to establish good working relationships with clients

  • 08-Willingness to sometimes work unsociable hours

  • 09-Patience

  • 10-A logical mind

  • 11-Enthusiasm for continual learning


The professionalism and business acumen of the Gordian staff is unmatched in our experience, especially concerning generating solutions to difficult and oftentimes nebulous problems. The ability to set a direction concerning devising a strategy, along with the skill to implement and make alterations to a plan of action are compelling reasons for suggesting work with Gordian.

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It would be an honor for us to be a part of the successful story of your company. Get the outboard power your company needs to move to perfection. Start working with us. Get in touch.

Galichnik 30, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Phone: +1-510-900-9338
Email: contact@outboardsupport.com