Tech support


Nowadays technology systems are one of the essential parts of every company. Monitoring this technology and ensuring continuity across all platforms creates a distraction for you and your staff from the constant improvements essential to your IT growth strategy. Every time you face technology downtime, it costs you time and money to fix it. Have your team focus on their work while we assist with daily customer inquiries and assistance and increase the productivity of your company.

We offer Level 0, 1 and 2 technical support and service that will guarantee that your technology is working flawlessly.

DON’T LET YOUR R&D employees become your tech support!

Protect your valuable employees from random calls and simple questions with a soft cushion of experienced customer support analysts

The tech companies develop and maintain their product and focus on product quality and improving the features set. Our layered tech support team will take care of most of customer support communication.

  • Level 0
    • Call & Email answering
    • Ticket creation and follow up
    • Timely and pleasant customer communication
  • Level 1
    • Product usage questions answering
    • Simple troubleshooting
    • Automated and manual monitoring
    • Support for field techs
    • Root cause analysis
  • Level 2
    • In depth troubleshooting
    • Complex problems resolution
    • Support for field techs
    • Filtered and clarified bug report relays